Essex Upholstery

As a small business based in Essex with 10 years of professional experience of the upholstery and furnishings business, we pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients a comprehensive and personal service in a wide range of their reupholstery, new furniture, soft furnishing, interiors and repair needs.


We hope that the number of times our Clients return to us for further work and recommend us to their family and friends speaks for itself. Whatever your furniture and upholstery requirements – large or small, old or new, complex or simple – our skilled craftsmen are willing to visit you at home and discuss the potential design solutions for your modern bedroom, furniture and soft furnishings. But please rest assured, the decisions are always yours! We think you’ll be delighted by the suggestions and advice we can offer to rejuvenate, revitalise or re-style even the tiredest looking furniture.


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